The "Take a Camera Image" demo shows how to use the HTML5Camera component to capture an image when a user clicks a button or control on the screen. Also features the ability to toggle which camera on the laptop or device is being used.
The "Continuous Image Capture" demo shows how to use the HTML5Camera module to capture a stream of camera images on a configurable delay between snapshots. This is useful for augmented reality type use cases where a number of screen shots might need to be taken and sent to a Face, object or location recognition API.  For a working example of this in action see the "Launch from Image - Web" Forge component published by Davies March.       
The "Capture Image and send to AI API" demo takes a continuous set of snapshots and sends them to the Azure face API. As the API requires a license key there isn't a link on this page. If you open the page(inteface) ImageScanDemo within OutSystems studio the screen actions are documented.
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